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Writing an Impressive Résumé

Your Résumé is your first step towards preparing to start your career. It is a cornerstone for a successful job search. Moreover, it is your formal reflection to the recruiter when you are not in the room during the résumé shortlisting stage. Hence, it is crucial to effectively present your Résumé so that you get the desired attention.


Course Content

  • What is a Résumé?
  • Need and Role of a Résumé
  • How does HR shortlist a Résumé?
  • How much time does HR takes to scan through your Résumé?
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • What is JD Mapping?
  • Understanding Job Fitment
  • Decoding the Job Description
  • Understanding Self
  • Analysing the Company
  • Use of Key Words and Action Words to make an impactful Résumé.
  • How should you structure your Résumé?
  • What needs to be included?
  • How much space should you allocate to each section?
  • What is the right length for a Résumé?
  • What is the right font for a Résumé?
  • Guidelines for ATS
  • Step-Wise process to build an impactful Résumé
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