Group Discussions are an integral part of the placement process and is a qualifying round for the next phase which is the personal interview rounds. This module covers all that you need to know about your upcoming group discussion and how can you have an effective group discussion to create that first impression that will get you the desired interview call.

Hi, I am Athena, your personal professional buddy. In this Group Discussion learning module, I will be taking you through the nuances of participating in Group Discussions, which is a crucial step in your job application process. This module is covered in 3 sections.

In section 1, you will learn about what is a group discussion and why is it required.

Section 2, will cover how is a group discussion conducted. Many people are not aware about the types of Group Discussions. So, I will explain you the different types of group discussions that will help you better understand about group discussions and will help you be better prepared for it.

And finally, in section three, I will guide you through the best way to prepare for your group discussion, right from your pre-group discussion preparation to your conduct and behaviour during your group discussion that will help you leave a mark in your group discussion.

So, let’s get started.

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