Practice Mock Interviews with Athena

No matter how much you read and prepare about interviews, unless you face an actual interview experience, you wouldn’t really know what it feels to go for a job Interview on the D-day. Hence, practicing interviews and reviewing the video recording of the interview is extremely critical to improve your interview skills.

Follow the steps below to kickstart your final journey of practicing mock interviews for landing your dream job.

  1. For your mock Interview, we strongly recommend that you use a laptop with atleast 20mbps internet speed and use chrome/firefox browser to have a seamless mock interview experience.
  2. You can take a test interview by clicking the button below. This Test Interview is the exact experience that you would under go during the Mock Interview. However, we have limited it to only 3 questions. 
  3. Finally, when you are ready, you can click on the “Mock Interview” button below to initiate your Mock Interview. The Mock Interview with Athena would last approx. 20-25 mins. You would be asked actual interview questions by Athena, which you should answer like in a real interview. The video recording and the transcript of this mock interview would be made available to you in the “My Account” section for you to review how you reacted and responded to the interview questions. We strongly recommend that you take this mock interview in formal clothes to have a real interview experience.
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