Course: Acing your Interview

699.00 for 1 year

Want to get moving forward in your career? Learn how to better present yourself in interviews.


A personal job interview is the penultimate step in you landing a job with your dream company, and is an opportunity that opens up the door to build an aspiring career.
Hence, cracking this interview is the key to your career success.

In this course, you will learn about how can you Ace in your job interviews to land that dream job you have been aspiring for.

What you'll learn​:

  • What are interviewers trying to achieve through an interview?

  • Interview Process

  • Types of Interview based on format

  • Types of Interview based on questions

  • An effective way to prepare for your interview

  • The STAR technique

  • Common Interview Questions

  • How to prepare for these common interview questions

This course includes:

80 mins on-demand video

Quiz Questions

1 year full access to the course

Access on Laptop & Mobile

Certificate of completion

Course Content

  • What is a job interview and why is it required?
  • The interview selection process
  • Types of Interviews
  • Requirements of a remote interview
  • Importance of Preparation
  • How to prepare for your interview?
  • Having a Winner Mindset
  • How to Prepare Effectively?
  • How to Structure your Answers for Common Interview Questions
  • Questions about Self and how to answer them
  • Behavioural Questions and how to answer them
  • Stress Interview Questions and how to answer them
  • Tips to follow before an Interview
  • Tips to follow during the interview
  • What should you do after the interview is over?


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