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5 Simple steps to create a Résumé that STANDS OUT!

Resume writingResume Writing - Do you want to create a résumé that stands out and gets you job interview opportunities? Surely, the answer is YES. But when you think about creating such a résumé it can be challenging. Your résumé is the first step in the Job Selection Process. Your résumé must qualify and pass the review process to make it to the next stage, i.e., the interview stage. To get an interview call, your résumé must get the attention of the HR manager. It must arouse the interest of the HR manager and make them feel that they need to hire somebody like you, with the required skill set, experience, and education. Whenever you think about writing a résumé a couple of questions come up - -What to write in the résumé so that it gets shortlisted? -What are the key components for an interview-winning résumé? -What all sections need to be included? -Which format should be chosen? So, what can be the easiest way to craft a résumé that stands out and gets you that attention? Let us understand a strategic step-by-step approach towards résumé building.
Step 1: Decide the format for writing your résumé
There are three commonly used formats viz. reverse-chronological, functional and a combination of these two. If you are a fresher, or with 1-2 years of work experience, you should use a reverse-chronological format. As the name suggests, in this format you put your work experience and education in reverse-chronological format.
Step 2: Do a Self-Analysis
You must analyse your competencies. Make a list of all your skill set like technical skills, soft skills, etc.
Step 3: Job Description Analysis and Skill Mapping
Resume writing This is one of the most crucial steps. You must analyse the job description. So, read the job description carefully and highlight the skills that are asked for. Map the required skills with your skill set that you identified in step 2 above.
Step 4: Write Your Résumé
After completing the above three steps, start writing your résumé. While writing the résumé, keep in mind the key words that you have highlighted and use the power words while writing the content. Power words are the words which are used in the résumé to describe professional skills and achievements in a crisp short and powerful way. A standard résumé has the following sections in the same order:
  • Contact Information Header
  • Résumé Profile/Résumé Summary
  • Work Experience Section
  • Education Summary
  • Skill Section/ Hobbies /Honours/Awards
Step 5: Choose a Professional Résumé Style
After writing the résumé, ensure that you are using a professional layout including the right font, font size and margins. Overall, it should be easy to read, i.e., not too much crammed, not too many empty spaces and a font size that can be read easily. Also, you must format it keeping in mind that your résumé would either be scanned manually by the HR or through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Once your résumé is ready after following the above 5 steps, ensure that you proofread it. Hope this helps you in understanding that building a résumé that stands out is not at all difficult and just requires a structured thinking and right strategy. To understand the finer details of the process, check out the course on ‘Writing an impressive Résumé’ on Check all our Courses  Follow us on Social media :  

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