Why do we need to have a GD?

So, why is a Group Discussion required?

Companies that are looking for candidates to fill their job vacancies are faced with a challenge of finding the right candidates for interview. They often have hundreds of applications for just a single job opening. Or, when they are visiting a college campus, they often have hundreds of students who apply for the job position. It is practically challenging for the company HR to scan through these hundreds of CVs for shortlisting the candidates. So, they use a very time effective and robust mechanism to shortlist the candidates. And that is by conducting a group discussion.

Group Discussion is a popular method used by many institutes or companies or organisations to identify the skill set of the candidates. It helps in matching the skill sets that are required for a particular job role.

It is a way to shortlist the suitable candidates for the required position as it is difficult to conduct in-person interviews when the number of candidates are many. In short, it is a way of elimination.

It helps in knowing the knowledge levels of the participants and how does he expresses himself or herself.

So, you might be thinking why do companies not just conduct a written exam to shortlist or eliminate candidates? While written exams are a great way to know about the knowledge of the candidates, they really cannot show the soft skills of a person. To know about the soft skills and the confidence level of a candidate, group discussions can bring out real good results for the employers.

These are soft skills like how participants express their views, their clarity of thought, their personality traits like interpersonal skills, communication skills, level of confidence, leadership skills, managerial skills, team skills, analytical or problem-solving skills and social behaviour; apart from their knowledge.

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