Careers in Marketing

Your Career options after MBA in Marketing

business, search, seoThe most challenging question that MBA graduates have in mind is about the job options available in the market and what is the right fit for them.

A career in Marketing is one of the most lucrative one as it opens a plethora of job opportunities. Every organisation needs Marketing. With the evolving technology and the evolving consumer, the job options available in Marketing have further increased.

With plenty of options available, young graduates get overwhelmed and are not sure what should they do. This confusion can be eased by having a clarity on the different roles that marketing offers, the skill set required for it and your own understanding of your skill set and your interest.

So, let us understand the different roles that marketing offers and what are the skill sets required to fulfil it.

Career options in marketing:

An MBA graduate is expected to have good management skills, business and brand sense, problem-solving skills and should be research oriented. The career options available are these skills put to use.

Brand Marketing:

Brand marketing is one of the most sought-after career option for marketing graduates. Brand building is a highly challenging and rewarding job. Branding is required by almost every company, so there is a plethora of opportunities. Branding could be a good option for you if you are creative, love researching the market, can think long-term, are good at planning and execution, and connect with customers. If you are highly creative, you can even look at opportunities with advertising agencies.

Market Research:

Careers in Marketing

If you are the one who has analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, this is the one for you. In market research, you are expected to study the markets, understand consumers – what they are buying or consuming, why are they behaving in a particular way and what drives their decision making. You have to deal with a lot of data, so you need to be really good with numbers and making a story out of it. There are agencies that are specialised in market research. Consulting firms also need market researchers. Also, nowadays many tech companies have large in-house teams for data analysis as these companies are generating data at a fast pace. Amazon, flipkart and companies in retail sector are some such companies. Consumer research is very critical for them as they devise their strategies based on consumer data. Market researchers have to work very closely with branding teams.

Digital Marketing:

Careers in Marketing

Digital medium is the newest and most sought-after medium for marketing. It has a wide consumer reach and is much economical than the traditional marketing. Digital marketing uses various online platforms to reach their target audience like websites, apps, social media. With around 639 Mn people accessing the internet in India, and expanding further, the channel has a huge scope. If you have a flair for technology and data; and are good at planning, this is the career option for you.

Product Management:

Product managers are in demand these days. Product managers are required to build products. They need to be innovative, understand customer requirements and journey, should understand markets, should be averse with market research, decide on pricing, etc. They are the overall product owners.

Marketing communications:

If you want to manage Public Relations, this is the field for you. Marketing communications is responsible for all the communication that organisations want to make. They oversee the brand messaging and are the ones who have the final say. If you are extremely good at communication and have clarity of thoughts, you will be a right fit for it.


Sales is the most important aspect of any business as businesses are running to sell their products or services. Sales though is different from marketing, but closely interacts with it. The marketing activities are done to make sales. Many companies, especially big FMCG giants, hire MBA in marketing in their sales team to give them ground level exposure for initial couple of years, thereafter, moving them to brand teams. You will be a good fit in sales role if you have strategic thinking, decision making skills and team-management skills.

All these departments go hand-in-hand and are dependent on each other to achieve the end objective, i.e. Sales.

These are the broad areas that you can opt for. These are individually large teams offering various roles within. You must identify what are your strengths and your interests, and then think about your fitment in these roles.

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